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2 Stroke Mini MX (15)
Chinese Engines (103)
KLX110 DRZ110 (91)
Z50 K0-78-> (137)
Z50 XR50 CRF50 88-11-> (146)
Z50 79-87-> (138)
CT70-> (126)
SL70 XL70 (71)
XR70 CRF70-> (89)
XR75 (13)
XR80 CRF80 (9)
XR100 CRF100 (18)
Other (66)

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****** PLEASE NOTE*****


Welcome to the Online Catalog


Here is some quick information regarding our Catalog. Included in the catalog are four different types of parts. These are the indicators in the part description that will provide more information about the part:


  • TB = Trail Bikes part (example: TB Stator Assembly - K1 Model)
  • AFT = Aftermarket part (example: AFT Air filter Assembly – All Models)
  • Company Name = Brand name part (example: 50ccRacing – XR50 High Riser)
  • Just part name = OEM Honda part (example: Tail Light Unit – K1-78 Models)


    - - Contained in the Part description is the model year information for that particular part. In the 1960s and through 1975, Honda used the “K” series to designate models rather than year model. In the Model Chart section (link to the left), charts have been provided to help identify early Z50, CT70, SL70, XL70 and XR75 models with the “K” designations.
    - - Additionally, when you see “All Models” in the part description, that means it fits all models within that category only – not all models in all categories.
    - - A dash means “through”. Example: 72-78 means 1972 through 1978 models.


    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express online credit card payments via Paypal’s secure payment-processing service as well as money orders. Prior to ordering, please take a few moments to read the Ordering Information section (link is to the left) for additional information. This section will answer all questions regarding ordering, payment methods, shipping, and other Trail Bikes policies.


    For additional information on our Performance Parts located in the catalog, please view the Performance Info section (link is to the left).

    Sorry, but we do not ship internationally. If you are in Canada, Europe, or Australia we can recommend shops that carry our performance products there – please email for info.


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